The Reformation: Trick or Treat?

31 Oct

lutherOn this day in 1517, Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany. Looking back, Luther stated, “I would never have thought that such a storm would rise from Rome over one simple scrap of paper…”

The Reformation: Trick or Treat?

by David Mathis | October 31, 2013

It’s no accident that October 31 is both Halloween and the day remembered for the start of the Reformation. Both key off November 1, All Saints’ Day — or All Hallows’ Day Hallows from the Latin for saints or holy ones.On All Hallows’ Eve, October 31, 1517, the Roman Church received the world’s most memorable trick-or-treater at its door — though barely noticed at the time — when a lowly priest named Martin Luther approached the threshold of the Wittenberg branch in Germany and posted his 95 measly theses they aren’t nearly as impressive as you would expect. The coming All Saints’ Day seemed like an excuse for sparring about the Church’s deplorable sanctioning of indulgences, and Luther was angling for some good-spirited debate.

The Spark That Set the Church Ablaze

…Some nameless visionary translated his theses from the Church’s Latin into the people’s German and sent them far and wide through the printing press. In time, this lowly monk proved to have what it took to hold his ground against the Church and the world — “Here I stand,” he said courageously before the emperor — and under God, he became the human tip of the spear for massive reform…

Read the remainder of the article here: The Reformation: Trick or Treat? – Desiring God.

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