Cultivating Meaningful Friendships | Today’s Christian Woman

27 Apr






Sowing the seeds for a relationship is easy, cultivating connectedness requires authenticity and intention.

Cultivating Meaningful Friendships

Six small-town secrets that lead to authentic relationships

Jenni Roney

Jesus was all about connecting with real people. What if he would have “Facebooked” the Woman at the Well? She’d have checked her email and found: “Woman at the Well: Jesus has written on your wall.” The email would say, “Heard you were at the well today. If you ask me, I will give you living water.” It kind of loses its meaning. When we read the story in John 4, it’s clear that a big part of Jesus’ impact was the fact that he was sitting in public talking to: (1) a woman, and (2) a Samaritan. He was risking being seen with her, and he was taking time from his busy life to sit and talk with her. Jesus’ life was about people—up close and personal—genuine connection, not counterfeit connection. Technology is a great thing, but overusing it can rob us of real relationships.

The entire article can be read here:Cultivating Meaningful Friendships | Today’s Christian Woman.


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